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Professional Writing, Editing

Contact me if you need a writer or editor for your one-time or ongoing projects. Books, articles, blog posts, web content. I do these.

I have a degree in communications and a background in publishing. I've edited numerous books, have three of my own in print and a fourth underway.

Creative, Current and Engaging Marketing

Online marketing for your business, including designing and building your website that's mobile-device ready. Email and social media marketing. Print advertising, too.

Tell me what you're thinking and I'll help you take the next steps. I'll produce the blog post or article, the graphics (for online or print), the ad or flier, the social media posting, the email marketing piece, the ad campaign, whatever you need. All these will tie in with your website to help bring more customers your way.

Freelance, But On Your Staff

I'm that one-stop help you've been needing. A marketing expert who's not on your payroll but is here for you—whenever—a member of your staff.

Everything I produce will have the look and feel, the branding, the "voice" you've got in place or envision, so that you come across and engage your audience the way you want. I'm an experienced, published ghost writer and can write professionally from your point of view.

Close, No Matter Where You Are

I live in El Dorado County, California, and am close by for your foothills-centered business or beyond. If you're elsewhere, technology makes long-distance freelancing work great. Try me.

If you own a business in Placerville, Cameron Park, El Dorado Hills or nearby, I'm close to work with and know the local media—Mt. Democrat, Style Magazine, Foothill 7 TV and the rest. I've lived and worked and shopped here for 20 years. I can help you reach your foothills neighbors.

Easy to Get Started

Contact me about any of my services and to discuss pricing.

If you're sure about the results you want but not sure how to nail it down or are uncomfortable with the lingo or ways of current marketing methods, I know how to help.

Stan Zenk


Writing, Editing
Online Marketing


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Deliver Yourself Brilliant

If your sights are set high for your business but you feel grounded in your marketing—especially online—because you feel a little behind the times, are unsure what will work for you or even how to make a fresh start, I can help. I specialize in small business marketing makeovers, including websites, email marketing, social media marketing and consultation.

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Someone to handle all that marketing stuff

Just Say The Word

A Pro Marketing Guy
Minus The Employment Hassle

I'm your freelance marketer. You're my boss. Consider me on your staff but not on your payroll. Hey! We both like the sound of that.



Fresh perspective for growing your business

Synergy Works

Your Marketing Approach:
Time to Modernize?

Ready for a new kind of conversation with customers and prospects? Together we'll bring your marketing up to speed. You will see results.



One place for all your content, marketing and advertising

Swiss Army Knife Here

My Facets are Multi;
I'm Just That Way

I conceptualize, write and produce for web and print. Text, graphics, layout, even video production. I could cater your next luncheon, but don't ask.



A consistent message and style across all your channels

Clear Unified Branding

All Your Marketing
From One Creative Source  

Put me behind your website, ads, email and social media marketing, and your audience gets a clear, consistent view of you. That's brand strength!



Your New Website

Is your website older than, say, 2014? So much has changed since then. Today websites look different and behave different. They're easy and friendly and inviting. Today people use their phones, laptops and tablets more than their computers to access the web. Search engines are giving higher priority to websites optimized for these devices. You've been getting by with what you have, but really, it's time for a simple update. It won't be the hassle or the expense you think it is. Really. Let me be a sounding board. Let's talk.

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